Meghan Ross is a writer, producer, director, and comedian living in Austin, Texas with her dog, Dreidel. She trained at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre in New York, where she completed the Advanced Sketch and Advanced Improv programs.

Meghan’s dark comedy short film script, An Uncomfortable Woman, was chosen as the winner of Austin Film Festival’s First Three Pages Live and her feature script, Dog For Sale, was a finalist in Austin Film Festival’s Pitch Competition in 2018. She recently directed and produced the short film, hiring an all-women and POC cast and crew. She raised over $12,500 through Indiegogo and fundraising events to make the film, including prizes from local women-owned businesses and artists. It is currently in post-production.

She hosts the award-winning That Time of the Month, a late night show featuring an all-women lineup. She's also the co-founder of Slop Sandwich, a nonfiction online publication featuring embarrassing life stories. Her writing has appeared in Broadly, Reductress, The Toast, SundanceTV, IFC, Femsplain, and TV Without Pity.

She appeared on VICELAND, where she consumed pizza on live television. She has performed at BABES FEST, BettyFest, Del Close Marathon, Diverse As Fuck Festival, and the 50th Birthday Roast of David Ross (her dad).

She found out during her mother's monthly attempt to pitch her stand-up material that at the ripe age of four, she aspired to be a dog and would crawl around imitating one. When approached about this, her loving grandmother told Meghan's mother, "Let her live out her dreams," and placed a bowl of water on the ground, which Meghan proceeded to lap up like a small dog.

Meghan's dreams have changed just slightly today as she pursues a career in comedy writing, producing, and directing. 

Photo by  Jinni J  for  #bossbabesATX

Photo by Jinni J for #bossbabesATX