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That Time of the Month is the late night show hosted by a woman that your heart has long desired, but broadcast networks have never delivered! Once a month, Meghan Ross showcases talented acts from humans who happen to be women, including an interview with a Strong Female Lead(er) in Austin and giveaways from women-owned business sponsors.

Founded by Liisa Murray and Meghan Ross in New York in March 2015, Meghan now hosts the show at Fallout Theater after a successful 2-year run at ColdTowne Theater. She's also updated the format to include an interview with a Strong Female Lead(er) – an activist, entrepreneur, or subject matter expert kicking ass in their community.

That Time of the Month has been featured in New York Magazine’s Vulture, Time Out New York, Time Out Austin, Austin’s NPR station KUT, Austin Woman Magazine, The Austin Chronicle, and CultureMap Austin. The show has also previously partnered with Femsplain and Amazon Studios film Late Night starring Emma Thompson and Mindy Kaling, won a 2017 and 2018 ColdTownie Award for Best Late Night Show, and has performed at Diverse as Fuck Festival, BABES FEST, and BettyFest. Check out past episode clips here, sign up for our newsletter here, follow us on Facebook here, on Twitter here, on Instagram here.

Logo by Kasey Winkler

Logo by Kasey Winkler

Slop Sandwich is a collection of humorous, nonfiction personal essays of life's messiest stories, founded and edited by Meghan Ross and Spencer Magloff. Everyone has a funny story to tell. Everyone has lived through the humiliating, disturbing, bizarre, and nonsensical. Slop Sandwich is a platform to chronicle these tales. It is a treasury of beautifully written stories about explosive diarrhea, elegantly told, detail-rich accounts of sexual mishaps and strange genital defects. Our foremost objective is to showcase the unconstrained beauty of the personal narrative, to document the human experience in its most humorous and authentic form.

We hope that over time, Slop Sandwich continues to elucidate the weirdness and eccentricities of everyday life, to cultivate an open community of oversharers, and to provide a therapeutic outlet through the power of humor. We also host bimonthly Slop Sandwich Live shows, featuring storytellers, stand-up, sketch comedy, music, magic, and more. To submit a story, email For more info, visit the site and follow us on Facebook and Twitter.